Empower your organisation to connect to your trading community and exchange critical business documents with DiCentral’s turn-key, cloud-based EDI and supply chain solutions

DiCentral’s suite of supply chain applications helps you respond quickly to business changes and improve supply chain efficiency by automating fulfillment, shipping, and receiving processes. Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, or 3PL, DiCentral's real time EDI solutions ensure complete supply chain visibility. With customisable features, powerful business rules monitoring, and mobile EDI alerts, you'll stay one step ahead of the competition!

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 DiCentral offers adapters that integrate directly in the Dynamics 365 user interface. Your business is supported with expanded EDI functionalities such as:

  • Seamless EDI integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • An embedded adapter enables you to perform EDI activities within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central environment
  • All mapping, trading partner management, testing and configuration on a single, integrated cloud-based platform
  • Preconfigured Trading Partner Maps with built in business processes
  • Quick and accurate distribution, eliminating the potential risks associated with improper exporting of data
  • Dynamic Inventory Updates synchronise correct shipping information with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • And more!

About DiCentral

DiCentral is an innovative EDI Company that operates worldwide. They support their clients to enlarge their supply chain and make them more efficient. Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a leading global provider of EDI and supply chain solutions headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 11 offices worldwide supporting customers across multiple sectors in over 33 countries. Since 2018 European clients are supported from the DiCentral Europe based in Munich Germany. DiCentral's flexible EDI and supply chain solutions integrate with any industry and more than 100 ERP, WMS, accounting and e-commerce systems - even custom built back office systems. 

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DiCentral with Dynamics 365 Business Central
DiCentral with Dynamics 365 Business Central
DiCentral with Dynamics 365 Business Central