nHanced 365 Sales Bundle

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The nHanced 365 Sales Bundle gives you additional system functionality to smooth the common wrinkles we’ve seen time and time again in sales processes. You can plan your consignments with ease by controlling when they will turn up, bring all your customer’s order documents (such as their Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Return Orders, Credits, Shipments, Payments & Refunds) into one view with ‘Buying References’, view all orders and lines and their current shippable status with detail on whether stock is Shipped, Partially Shipped, Ready to Ship, Not Ready to Ship based on the stock information and reservations, and make chasing your debtors even easier by quickly viewing their information and filtering to target the required customers. But that’s not all – check out the links below to see all the functionality included!

The Sales Bundle is made up of:

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