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Want to get information immediately from Dynamics 365 Business Central without needing to log into the system? Wish you could simply type your request into Microsoft Teams and get an answer from your data? Our Ask nOra Chatbot was built for precisely this - and much more! Find out what Ask nOra is capable of.

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What is Ask nOra?

Our Ask nOra Chatbot is a Microsoft Teams assistant, powered by artificial intelligence and the technology utilised by OpenAI and ChatGPT. Ask nOra began life as a bot within MSN Messenger, before making the move into Skype as technology changed. Microsoft Teams is now the default instant messaging platform for many businesses, including TNP, and this is where nOra now finds a home.

Ask nOra connects to your Dynamics 365 Business Central system, which means you can ask questions about your data and nOra will provide the answer. All of this happens within a normal Microsoft Teams chat, as though you're speaking to a colleague!

Genius, huh?

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How does Ask nOra work?

Ask nOra works by capitalising upon the artificial intelligence within ChatGPT - this is the same intelligence that Microsoft have reportedly invested over $10 billion into. Rather than having to type in a very specific input to receive an answer back, nOra can interpret your request and decipher it using the language processing intelligence behind ChatGPT.

Using an API into OpenAI, Ask nOra can capitalise on this brilliant technology to understand the human language in ways automated bots have never been able to before. This opens up a huge amount of possibilities!

Our developers have been working hard to bring this technology to life within Dynamics 365 Business Central. Ask nOra can also analyse data and pull statistics for you - this could be data around your average customer, like declining sales over the past twelve months or perhaps they're spending more with your business this quarter. The opportunities and uses are endless!

Mundane Tasks

Why did we create an Ask nOra Chatbot?

Ask nOra first came to life many years ago when our Founder Ian Humphries tasked his developers with adding a chatbot into MSN Messenger. At that time, it was almost technologically too early for even the most tech savvy of people. Chatting to a bot wasn't the 'norm', but the tide has shifted significantly in recent years.

Ian Humphries says: "I was determined before I retired to build something on top of this boom of technology and get a product out there where you can chat to a bot and get an answer back. Now is the time that people are going to start chatting to a bot in a way that is natural to them. It's the perfect time for Ask nOra".

Now we want Ask nOra to assist you with those mundane, repetitive searches into your Dynamics 365 Business Central system. You can get information in seconds from Ask nOra, which can then be manipulated, analysed, amended and pushed back into your ERP.

The core idea of Ask nOra has not changed - the ambition was and is to make life easier for individuals to access the data they need. From MSN to Skype and now to Microsoft Teams, Ask nOra has advanced alongside our favourite instant messaging services.

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What can Ask nOra do?

We are incredibly proud of our Ask nOra Chatbot. It can:

  • Show you your current stock levels across different filtered queries. For example, you can ask "How many items do I have in stock with the word 'bed' in the name?"
  • Move and adjust columns as needed. For example, you can ask "Show me all customers that owe over £10,000". Ask nOra will then pull through a table, through which you can then ask nOra to swap or remove the columns, as well as filtering further.
  • Write an email for you to use for sending to a customer or supplier. For example, you can ask nOra to prepare an email for you to send to a customer who owes you money, including the details for the salesperson responsible for that customer.

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Will Ask nOra work in my business?

Ask nOra works natively for Dynamics 365 Business Central, whether that's Business Central Online (SaaS) or On-Premise. This will need to be Business Central version 18.3 and above.

Unfortunately, Ask nOra cannot be implemented on Navision or Dynamics NAV.

Speak to our team today and see how easy it can be to get Ask nOra working within your business. Utilise Microsoft Teams to chat with nOra as you would any other colleague!

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