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What is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software? Can Business Central be implemented as SaaS ERP software? Answer your questions with our Business Central Online guide below.

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What is SaaS ERP Software?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online, previously known as Business Central SaaS (Software as a Service), is a cloud-based solution which gives users the ability to use applications over the Internet. The benefit is that the product sits within your browser, you simply log in and the vast functionality of the product is available to you.

By subscribing to SaaS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, there is no configuring of servers or installation. Examples of SaaS solutions within business applications are Office 365 or Salesforce.

A cloud-based ERP software does not require technical knowledge to maintain or install, it enjoys regular automatic updates and allows you to amend licensed user numbers through peaks and troughs of your business activity.

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What are the Benefits of Business Central Online Software?

TNP's cloud-based offering is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Microsoft's SaaS Enterprise Resource Planning Software gives you the following benefits:

  • The hosting of the ERP software is done by Microsoft - global infrastructure and expert technicians are on hand 24/7 to keep the service up and running in optimum condition.
  • Upgradeability - your SaaS ERP software benefits from bi-annual upgrades from Microsoft, where brand new functionality is drip-fed into your system over time. No more big, time-consuming upgrades!
  • You can enjoy the best integration with Microsoft's Power Platform, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 - being logged into the same environment between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Office 365 creates a seamless experience.
  • Access an array of easily installable apps from AppSource, where new apps are added every day.
Business Central SaaS

Dynamics 365 Business Central Online

Dynamics 365 Business Central Online is the complete product - as an ERP solution built upon over twenty years, Microsoft have continuously extended the functional areas of Business Central.

On a cloud version of the system, you get all of the functionality available in Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise. There is no missing or excluded functionality from the full strength product, it simply sits in a different environment.

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How Much Does Business Central Online Cost to Implement?

The cost to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central depends on your business circumstances. SaaS ERP software has a subscription pricing model, which means businesses can spread the cost of software ownership via a per month per user licensing model.

Licence Costs

Dynamics 365 Business Central's licensing cost includes hosting and security - a large saving and gives you peace of mind. Click here to see the per user per month licensing costs.

Business Central Licensing
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Why Choose Business Central Online as your ERP Software?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete end-to-end ERP, used by hundreds of thousands of users across the world. It is flexible, scalable, functionally rich and can be customised alongside a wealth of technology (e.g. the Power Platform).

Business Central also has multiple hosting options - if Business Central Online doesn't sound like the solution for you, read about the alternative hosting options here. You can even host it yourself or ask us to do so for you using our Managed Services team. Each option has its own benefits and you have the flexibility to choose and adapt the hosting solution to suit your business.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Hosting Options

The diagram below shows the hosting options available to you when implementing Business Central. TNP can host your solution in the Microsoft Private Cloud, Microsoft can host it in their Public Cloud (Online) or you can host it yourself On-Premise. The diagram illustrates who is responsible for what in each scenario.

All options below also includes full support for your solution from TNP.

Who looks after what?

SaaS Hosting Table

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The Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP as a SaaS solution benefits from disaster recovery via Microsoft to the minute. These backups are encrypted and that encryption protects your data using protocols of industry standard.

Microsoft Azure enjoys surrounding architecture on a vast scale, as well as continuous Microsoft funding, improvement and research. Azure Active Directory acts as the authentication for users logging in, protecting the system from malicious attacks.

Internal security can be maintained using permissions functionality, where users are permitted to access certain parts of the system and not others. There is also an activity log which tracks changes users have made inside the system.

Disaster Recovery Options
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Why Implement Business Central Online With TNP?

TNP have been implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central (including previous versions of the product Dynamics NAV and Navision) for over twenty years. With world-class support services*, we are the number one partner in the UK and Ireland.

The knowledge of our staff is second-to-none and every day we strive to deliver an exceptional service to our customers. TNP currently support dozens of customers on Business Central SaaS, for example Independence Matters, Interfood and Cinch Cars.

We also offer an Evergreen service for Business Central, where we work with you to regularly upgrade and maintain your platform. This is done in bitesize chunks at a time to suit you and your users.

*TNP have consistently scored over 70 on NPS surveys for our support. Read more about NPS here.

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Business Central Online for International Organisations

When contemplating the implementation of an ERP system, international organisations often grapple with a recurring and fundamental question: should they opt for centralisation or decentralisation?

The conflicting aspects of this decision can be disconcerting, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can significantly ease the pressure, offering flexibility and control for international operations.

With its multidimensional capabilities in international transactions, customised configuration, standardisation, language support, streamlined accessibility, and a comprehensive set of functionalities, Dynamics 365 Business Central has rightfully emerged as the preferred ERP solution for international organisations.

It caters to businesses of diverse sizes and structures, offering support to operations in over 100 countries and adapting to unique business models to meet specific needs.

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