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We’re not just any Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner and reseller, we’re the number one in the UK & Ireland, and different to every other Microsoft Dynamics partner out there.

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Why work with us?

Our main aim is to provide a better service to the Dynamics 365 Business Central (and Dynamics NAV) community – and we’ve been dedicated to doing that for over 10 years. As unashamed Dynamics 365 Business Central geeks, we love helping our clients to get more from Dynamics 365 Business Central and solve any issues along the way.

Our team is comprised of 367 ‘NAV’ people and our Dynamics 365 Business Central support team has over 60 people, all waiting to address your queries. Also, each member of our team is an experienced consultant (between us, we have over 4,000 years’ experience) and more than happy to get stuck in!

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How to move Dynamics 365 Business Central Support

Moving from one Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner to another is not an easy decision to make and often there’s no telling what a new Partner will be capable of.

You may want better Dynamics 365 Business Central Support but will a new Partner be able to deliver and work with what you have already? If you’re thinking about moving your Dynamics 365 Business Central Support to a new Partner, our advice is make sure they have a proven onboarding process!

A good Partner will be able to demonstrate – before signing a Dynamics 365 Business Central Support contract – how they will improve your system and provide support. This is crucial. Without this, how can they ensure that your Dynamics 365 Business Central system – a core part of your day-to-day activities – works to the best of its ability?

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TNP have a methodology in the way that you approach things, as opposed to another consultancy who might just body shop individuals into a customer.

- Richard Davies, Nord Anglia Education

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Tried and tested methodology

At TNP, we have our own tried-and-tested onboarding methodology, it’s called a ‘Day in the Life’. This methodology allows us to ensure a smooth and risk-free Partner transition. It’s unique to us and another thing that makes us different to other Dynamics 365 Business Central Support Partners!

Want to find out more about how our process works and if it’s right for your business? Check out our ‘Day in the Life’ Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation methodology.

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THE Ultimate Guide to Business Central

We've been producing our Ultimate Guide for over a decade now and are proud to present the 11th edition of our hugely popular guide!

As always, this guide is written by experts across our business, who can shed knowledge and light onto subjects and matters around Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Download our guide for free and learn more about:

  • Sustainability and how Business Central can help
  • Customising Business Central to make it work harder for you
  • Ransomware and the dark web - how to prepare your business and become proactive rather than reactive
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Business Central Releases

Microsoft release two versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central each year. We've compiled the highlights from the most recent releases to illustrate the functional changes, including more detail from Microsoft on how to use these functionalities:

With over 3,860 years of combined Dynamics NAV and Business Central experience and 74 people in our support team, we are confident to say that our support offering is unrivalled on the market. More than 670 customers have already benefited from our expertise to transform their ERP system - we can empower yours too!

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What Dynamics 365 Business Central Support services do we provide?

Thanks to the size, expertise and experience of our team, we’re able to provide Dynamics 365 Business Central support services for every eventuality. So whether you have a systems issue or question, need advice or just want some training, our team is here to help!

Account Management

Our account management team will ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest developments regarding your Dynamics 365 Business Central system. Your designated Engagement Manager will manage the relationship between you and us (TNP), keeping you informed of developments. They will facilitate things like knowledge transfer and change requests, ultimately ensuring you get the best possible experience.


So you want to extend the functionality of your system? No problem, add-ons are included within our Dynamics 365 Business Central support! When it comes to depth of functionality and capability, there’s no product on the market like Dynamics 365 Business Central – but, as with any solution, there’s always a need to improve areas over time. We noticed that many Dynamics 365 Business Central users wanted to enhance their system and benefit from more advanced capabilities, so we took the most common needs and created a range of Dynamics 365 Business Central add-ons. Now you can make an already amazing product even better! We refer to this bundle of add-ons as nHanced 365 – and you can find out more about it by clicking here.


As mentioned earlier on this page, we have a total of 4,000 years’ experience (we’ve done the math). We’ve seen (and handled) almost every Dynamics 365 Business Central issue, so we’re well-equipped to deal with any problems you may have. You can rest assured that when you deal with our Engagement Managers and Specialists you’re getting the best possible service and advice. Our aim is to deliver value and empower you to make the most of your system. Talk about great Business Central support! You can check out our support sales level agreements (SLAs) to find out more about how we work with you.


If you want to get the most out of Dynamics 365 Business Central, then training is vital (it’ll also save you a lot of time and headaches when it comes to doing certain things on the system). However, having worked with Dynamics 365 Business Central for some time – we realised that there aren’t many helpful resources out there for those who want to teach themselves or be taught by experts. So we’ve been working to build a library of comprehensive resources to help you understand your Business Central system and use it as best you can! We’ve got videos, guides, tutorials, courses and much more! Just check it out by clicking here!


Want to change the functionality of your system? Our Dynamics 365 Business Central modification support can help! Our modification service involves making small changes as part of your Dynamics 365 Business Central support contract.  

The Polisher

To help you get the most from your system, our Polisher can work with your users to make sure they are getting the most from the Role Centre and the tools available to them.

You can get our nHanced Panels and Tiles for free and with no consultancy charge (as extensions are so quick and easy to implement). So whether it’s showing users how to create their own menus and shortcuts or configuring Role Centres with our Panels and Tiles, the Polisher is just the person for you.

NAV Nurse

We believe that being proactive is the right way to support businesses. So as part of our customer support package, we offer the NAV Nurse – an online monitoring service that tracks key indicators within your Dynamics Business Central system’s health in real-time. It alerts us to issues within your system before they reach a critical point, keeping your system happy and healthy and, more importantly, working.

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