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'I'd fallen in love with Business Central – it was clear that TNP were passionate about it too!'

Upgrading to Business Central as a Cloud ERP

Portico operate a deep water cargo terminal within Portsmouth International Harbour. They turnover more than £11 million annually and, as well as their two multi-functional quays, have warehousing capacity for both temperate-controlled and ambient cargo.

In the early 2000’s, Portico implemented Dynamics NAV Version 5. Since then, their business has changed significantly, and their system was starting to feel very clunky.

Kyle Bunkin, Continual Improvement Manager at Portico, specifically wanted to implement a cloud ERP solution to align with the organisation’s wider IT strategy.

Having received strong word-of-mouth recommendations for TNP, Portico decided to move on from their old Partner. Kyle worked with the TNP team to evaluate Dynamics 365 Business Central. At the end of that process Kyle says, “I’d fallen in love with Business Central – it was clear that TNP were passionate about it too!”

Making the Move

Having decided to make the move to Dynamics 365 Business Central, Kyle got the project underway. Kyle says it went “without a hitch”! He attributes the success of the project to user buy in. The Portico team were able to clearly see Business Central’s mobile capabilities, CRM functionality and improved reporting were going to help them do their jobs. One user can now complete in two minutes a report that previously took 20 and Kyle says, “it’s things like that that make me wish we had Business Central 10 years ago”.

Kyle praises the work of his Project Manager Katie and Consultant Pete, whose work was not only “spot on” but regularly “above and beyond” the level he expected. Katie remarks, “Portico were a pleasure to work with and understood what they needed to get the best out of the system”.

Kyle credits them and the wider team for driving the upgrade project effectively and getting Portico to a cloud ERP. Pete says “the Portico finance team got on board very early on with validating and testing the system, which paved the way for a successful implementation. This was a great project to work on, for a great company”.

Don’t stop us now…

Now Portico are largely settled in with their Business Central system, they are looking to extend their use of their cloud ERP even further.

Cloud ERP has many benefits, but we are clear headed about what we think. Read our Cloud ERP blog here.

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