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Upgrade to Business Central

Interfood Technology represent the world’s leading manufacturers of food processing equipment. Interfood have 70 staff and work with their customers – some as small as a family butcher, right up to large PLCs – to specify, deliver, install and support the equipment that food processing businesses need to prepare, cook and package meat, fish and vegetables.

Having implemented Dynamics NAV with another Partner, Interfood joined TNP in 2015 for Dynamics NAV support. They soon realised they were not utilising the solution effectively. Jono Atherton, their Head of Operations, says, "basically everything we did was a work around to try and make it fit around our business and not much was out of the box".

Upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS

Interfood’s NAV system needed an overhaul. They went to tender and explored other options, but ultimately decided to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central. This reflected their desire to commit to Microsoft as a platform. Jono says, "we wanted the best chance of everything being able to integrate across the business".

Having considered their deployment options (on premise, private cloud) Interfood also decided to onboard to Microsoft’s own SaaS service, which gets upgraded on a bi-annual basis.

Given the existing longstanding, successful relationship, TNP were the only Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner that Interfood considered. Jono says, "TNP’s service is good and that had a significant influence on our decision to upgrade to Business Central".

A Successful Project

The upgrade project went live on time, on budget and has delivered some significant business improvement. The project team worked hard to ensure that Interfood got back to standard functionality within Dynamics 365 Business Central. This, together with the decision to go with SaaS, will minimise the costs they incur in maintaining the solution long into the future. In addition, Interfood have halved the time required to complete the returns process for parts being exchanged under warranty. This used to require multiple, time-consuming Excel files to manage. It is now organised completely within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

"It’s delivered everything we wanted"

Jono says, "we’ve definitely gained efficiencies. As soon as we got to that week after go-live, it was very evident how worthwhile this has been". He mentions Gianluca Iumiento, TNP Senior Consultant, who helped them drive their Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrade, saying "as far as I’m concerned, he is TNP embodied. He is absolutely amazing".

Gianluca has been working with Dynamics NAV and Business Central for over 20 years! He helped Interfood to stay on track and made sure they stayed close to standard functionality.

Gianluca and the rest of the TNP team will be on hand to help Interfood make the most of the new functionality that gets delivered in each new release of Dynamics Business Central.

Considering your options? Check out our page if you're thinking of an upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Interfood will also use some of TNP’s Training Days to help familiarise themselves with new features within the system. Check out what’s on offer here.

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