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Drink-IT is key for Liberation Group's leading market position

Making it easy to operate in different markets

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Liberation Group is the market leading pub, restaurant and drinks business across the Channel Islands with 68 predominantly freehold pubs and 20 managed pubs, bars and eateries. Drink-IT takes the headache out of operating a brewery and a significant number of pubs across two jurisdictions with different regulations and pricing.

Meeting the challenge of different markets

Selling beer in two different markets like Guernsey and Jersey puts heavy demands on your ability to handle different jurisdictions and different pricing. To simplify the complexity of the business processes the Group’s wholesale business decided to implement Drink-IT - a proven, modern beverage business software solution capable of managing all the moving parts of its business. "The Group must operate as two separate wholesaling businesses across Guernsey and Jersey, and that put heavy demands on our ability to handle complex business processes," says Declan Hearne.

"The end-to-end nature of Drink-IT is a great advantage. We have automated everything"

With Drink-IT, Liberation Group’s wholesaling business has got an end-to-end software solution that automates and simplifies their operating processes related to its tenanted and managed pubs outlets, its brewery and its suppliers. "The end-to-end nature of Drink-IT is a great advantage. We have automated everything, from ordering through automated transfer of orders into our profit and loss account," says Declan Hearne. Drink-IT’s user-friendliness and the robust nature of Drink-IT ensures a quick and risk-free implementation, even if it needs to be implemented in a tight timeframe. "We delivered beer from the day we went live with Drink-IT, and everything worked just perfect. It’s truly a great solution," says Declan Hearne.

Taking the headache out of operating across jurisdictions

Despite their complex pricing, Liberation Group have created a smooth, automated and integrated process flow from receiving the orders of kegs of beer, through to invoicing and entering of payments in Drink-IT.  Furthermore, Drink-IT enables the Group to effectively manage and monitor their goods from different suppliers. Purchases are automatically entered into Drink-IT’s purchase management module and the financial management module.

Liberation Group’s wholesale business has implemented a full-blown Drink-IT solution with standard functionality that streamlines its financial management, warehouse and distribution, purchase and inventory, production and quality, contracts with outlets, service management and reporting.


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