ERP for the E-Commerce Industry

Designed to give e-commerce businesses one Microsoft Business Solution for their omni-channel success!


One solution for your omni-channel success!

So, you have an e-commerce business, a carefully selected product portfolio, your marketing activity is driving huge volumes of traffic to your amazing website and the customers, their orders and importantly their money just keep flooding in. But what happens next?

How do you ensure your customers get the high-quality service you promised and the right goods at the right time? How do you deal with customer hiccups effectively and efficiently and how do you manage your suppliers and at the end of the day ensure that all the numbers add up? This is where an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can make the difference between a slick back-office operation or supply chain chaos!

An ERP solution is an integrated business suite that helps manage multiple business operations in a single platform. ERP software holds critical data and covers the start-to-finish back-end processes all B2B and B2C businesses have. Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV) is one of these ERP solutions which can be further enhanced to accommodate the needs of the modern digital business.

Sales & Marketing


With standard web payment integration, a brick and mortar retail option and a single view of all your orders & their journey you will never miss the opportunity for a sale.

We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! We’ve created a standard set of APIs for web developers which means that we can very quickly integrate your e-commerce platform to get items, prices and master data, create new customers, check stock availability real-time, and carry out all the regular order-related interactions.

That’s not all – it also allows for new and open orders to be passed between platforms, provides historical order details, tracks shipments, manages returns and creates customer service cases. Oh, and of course there is standard web payment integration, as well as fraud holds. Where you have bricks and mortar retailing, we have traditional POS, tablet-based selling, mobile POS and stock management as well as integrated customer loyalty. For the back-end there is comprehensive merchandising and estate management functionality. All this is integrated to provide a single view of your customer & their experience so you will never miss the opportunity for a sale.

And since we now know all about them and their behaviour you can use our integration to third-party eMarketing tools to create targeted marketing campaigns based on your ERP data.

Service Management


Whether it’s taking a phone order, dealing with a customer incident, managing a return or issuing an exchange / refund – it’s all in one place.

With the digital transformation well under way we sometimes forget that human interaction is just as important! Our telesales functionality enables users to take orders over the phone with the same data and information as those buying over the web or in store, including a single integrated promotion engine. The telesales module provides fast customer searching, including integration into phone systems, quick order entry and integrated payments.

Unfortunately the customer experience isn’t always perfect and when it’s not you need a way of dealing with customer cases, returns, exchanges and refunds in a seamless manner and with automation and tools to ensure all activities are carried out in a timely fashion. By having all customer activity held in one place any operator can pick up an ongoing customer query and see exactly what has happened and what still needs to happen, ensuring that the customer experience isn’t fraught with further frustration.



We help from informed merchandising through to order management & allocation, intelligent picking and ease of dispatch. Never lose track of what’s important.

Managing the supply chain between suppliers, customers, your own and third-party logistics can sometimes be the most challenging part of any business. Dynamics NAV / Business Central helps from the initial merchandising and stock drop, to managing pricing and promotions as well as mark-downs and replenishment, right through to supplier order-tracking and rebates.

With full sales order management, real-time stock visability, back-order management and the ability to create partial shipment rules, Dynamics NAV / Business Central ensures that the flow from supply to demand is seamless and transparent to the staff responsible for those areas. Ensuring payments have been captured and processed is key when starting the stock allocation process, something Dynamics NAV / Business Central has a full rule-set for. To make life easy for your warehouse team we offer intelligent picking with multiple pick options. Packing and despatch management with courier integration are all handled whether you are picking bulk or single orders. With Dynamics NAV / Business Central as your back-end system you will never loose track of what’s important!



Whether it’s paying suppliers, reconciling payments or adding it all up to analyse your achievements – it’s all here with integrated business intelligence and reporting.

Like every other business there are always bills to pay, payments to reconcile, assets to manage, budgets to prepare and track, as well as the weekly and monthly reporting packs for the business and investors to understand what is happening and how well you are doing. Dynamics NAV / Business Central has a multi-company, multi-currency, multi-lingual suite of finance functionality.

So whether it’s the day-to-day finance operation you need to manage or complex inter-company, inter-country trading with consolidation, Dynamics NAV / Business Central has all your finance needs covered. Of course, what good is the data if it’s locked away in the little black box of the ERP? With Dynamics NAV / Business Central comes a range of reports, tools and dashboards that help you access, review and analyse every aspect of your business, because with better data comes better decisions!