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Pearce Seeds distribute over 39,000 items annually to the agricultural industry including fertiliser, seeds, and chemicals. They sell to a wide range of customers across the South West, some of whom buy just one pack of seeds, whilst others purchase tonnes of agricultural chemicals – now the largest part of their business. Pearce Seeds are a busy company, with around 100 permanent or contracted staff, and in 2020 processed nearly 19,000 orders. A significant proportion of these orders are fulfilled on a back-to-back or drop ship basis.

In 2014, Pearce Seeds were struggling to implement a new Dynamics NAV system with another partner. John Dean, IT Manager at Pearce Seeds, remembers the time well. "The other partner were dragging their heels, failing to deliver and consequently the relationship broke down"

In their search for a new partner, TNP stood out because, as John says, "they told us The Truth". Pearce Seeds loved the honest, upfront feedback that TNP provided regarding the status of their project. This gave Pearce Seeds the confidence they needed to contract TNP to complete the project and give them the ongoing support they knew they would need.

Staying Engaged

In the years since, John has been proactive, upgrading their ERP solution regularly to make use of the additional functionality that each new version brings. TNP's Technical  Engagement Manager Kishore has been working with NAV for 15 years and at TNP for 5, so is perfectly placed to advise Pearce Seeds. Kishore says, "because we understand both the business and technical requirements that Pearce have, we can quickly help John evaluate the benefits associated with any upgrade or business process change they want to make". John says, "a discussion with TNP always helps me identify the options and select the best course of action" and "the strength of the relationship makes resolving any issues that do arise really easy".

Around the Clock

John also highlights the importance of the support that TNP has provided over the years. Most of their sales staff are agronomists (experts in the science of soil and crop management) who work early mornings and late nights. Any order for time and weather critical agrochemicals, placed before 6am, Pearce Seeds endeavour to deliver that day. On occasion, Pearce Seeds have needed assistance in the middle of the night. TNP’s support team has been ready to support them during these hours, for which they are immensely grateful. John says that, "it’s good to know essential and knowledgeable help is moments away and not constrained to normal operating hours. TNP have always been there in times of crisis".

Post Pandemic

Pearce Seeds are currently running NAV 2016. They had planned to upgrade to Business Central in 2020 – but COVID-19 forced them to put many plans for the business on hold. John is looking forward to taking advantage of the new web client which will make his life "a whole lot easier"! Whenever he is ready, Kishore and TNP will be on hand to deliver and support Pearce Seeds on the next step of their journey.


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