nHanced User Tasks

Letting you assign tasks to different users in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central

nHanced User Tasks extends the functionality provided in Dynamics 365 Business Central to assign tasks to different users. In the nHanced version of User Tasks a task can now be related to a specific record, or multiple records, if appropriate. In addition users can easily navigate from the task to the records in question, or view tasks from the nHanced Information FactBox on the record itself 


  • Create a task to chase a sales quote, linked to the quote/customer and contact 
  • Create a task to chase a customer for payment linked to the accounts contact 


  • Utilises standard Dynamics 365 Business Central tasks so seamlessly appears on standard tasks cues 
  • Support for any record in the database 
  • Customise the page to be displayed when clicked
  • View and add tasks from the nHanced Information FactBox on the record

nHanced CRM Log (for versions prior to Dynamics 365 Business Central)

Dynamics NAV already has comprehensive Customer Relationship Management functionality, functionality around managing contacts, managing segmentation for marketing communications, profiling and classification, opportunity management, campaign management and managing interactions and with the phone, tablet and web clients meaning it’s great for a mobile workforce. However, there were a few things that we thought could be done to make it even better so we have extended the CRM functionality with a couple of important nHancements.

Our CRM Log is central place to record communications between you and someone else, in Dynamics NAV. You can record these communications against customers and contacts along with a subject, description, date and type of communication so you know if it was an email, phone call or meeting.

If the records need someone to action them, or need attention, they can be assigned to a contact making the entries visible in the ‘Tasks For Me’ tile in their Role Centre.