nHanced Sales & Purchase Worksheets

nHanced Sales & Purchase Worksheets have standard file formats to help stop import failures of multi-line documents

Cut straight to the chase and watch a demo of nHanced Sales & Purchase Worksheets to find out what it can do for you!

Demo library

Quite often as a business you will receive electronic files that contain multiple lines, representing multiple documents. Typically an import would be created by developers to handle these and create the necessary documents. This can be problematic, particularly if some of the entries aren't correct, causing the full import to fail. For this reason we have created the Sales and Purchase Worksheets for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Using a standard file format you can receive this type of file and import it into a ‘staging’ worksheet. From there you can check the data that has been imported for any errors, and correct them.

Once you are happy with the information on each of the lines, the system has a function to group the lines and create the appropriate documents. It then marks the lines as created and provides a handy link to the final document. We have of course also included the ability to use our nHanced Workflows to send the worksheets for approval before processing.


  • Receive and process a sales order file from your web site or portal.
  • Provide an electronic template for vendors to supply their documents.


  • Create quotes, orders or invoices in a few simple steps
  • Can process lines for items, G/L Accounts, fixed assets and item charges
  • Easily groups and splits files to create documents
  • Simple links from the worksheet lines to the final documents and customer/vendor
  • Use a standard file format to receive multi-line documents into Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Stage the incoming data prior to processing to use all the validation in your system