nHanced Rebates

Helping you define your rebate schemes

nHanced Rebates for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central allows a user to define rebate schemes that will automatically generate rebate entries from posted sales or purchase invoices/credit memos. The rebates can be defined per customer/vendor, product category or both. The entries are only generated if a certain quantity or amount target is accomplished.

The rebate scheme card allows user to have visibility of the current rebate amount as well as if there was any value rebate amount credited. nHanced Rebates includes an option to generate a rebate accrual journal that allows user to update the ledgers with the created rebate entries.


  • Allows users to calculate rebate entries taking into account certain defined parameters
  • Allows users to define rebate calculation per period or per invoice/credit
  • Allows tiered calculation, so user can define different rebate calculation depending certain requirements
  • It is possible to define different schemes allowing different rebate calculation methods
  • Users can use item categories or just single items to be include on rebate calculation
  • Ability to create rebate accrual journal lines per member and total rebate amount
  • Ability to create credits from the rebate scheme card
  • Visibility over total rebate, credited and accrued amounts for a specific member on a rebate scheme