nHanced Projects

Lightweight, but powerful!

By its very nature, any project is likely to have all sorts of moving parts: Purchases from Vendors, People and Equipment being utilised, Sales documents and Invoices to customers...the list could go on! Our nHanced Projects module is designed specifically to help you manage all of these various documents, postings and resources. You’ll also want to make sure your project is managed to a budget, is staged and organised properly to deliver on time, and keep everyone up to date by analysing how a project is progressing.

Documents and postings are all handled using unique dimension values in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, meaning you can easily ‘slice and dice’ by project using some fantastic standard Microsoft Tools and directly in Business Central itself.

Resources are much more easily handled with nHanced Projects - you can set rates for resources, plan resource allocations and use our Subcontractors functionality. You can even plan resources by group, so you can see that you need an engineer for a certain date for a project even though you don’t know which engineer just yet!

When those resources have completed their work, they’ll need to create a timesheet. We’ve nHanced the standard timesheets functionality in a number of ways to make this easier, allowing easy allocation to a project, simple ‘manager posting’ of timesheets and, perhaps most importantly, you can bring those lines on to our Project Invoicing worksheet to take the hassle out of that billing process!


Any type of project could be managed with nHanced Projects. Some examples include:

  • Software Implementations
  • Office Refits
  • Construction Projects


  • Utilises system wide dimensions to track all postings to do with a project.
  • Create Project Proposals quickly and easily and convert them to a Project later.
  • Manage Resources, including subcontractors, individually or in groups.
  • Define Project budgets and analyse postings and predicted postings.
  • Keep projects organised in stages and planned using our nHanced Planning Board.
  • Post timesheets more easily and use our Project Invoicing Worksheet to invoice customers.