nHanced Product Configurator

Decisions, Decisions!

We all love to give our customers plenty of choice when it comes to buying things from us, but of course that just results in us managing an ever-increasing catalogue of items, variants or production BOMs. Imagine if you could simply define the available options for a product, let the customer choose and have the system manage the product for us...

Enter nHanced Product Configurator for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central! First define the available options for an Item, whether that is colour, number of cushions for their sofa, or type of pedals for their bicycle. For each of these options you can then decide if they should be mandatory, whether they increase the price or cost and define which options are available in which combinations. For example, not allowing disc brakes with bicycles that have wheels less than 29” diameter.

Finally decide how you want the system to manage the output for you. Would you like an item variant to be created for each when ordered and then re-used later, or perhaps you want to create a lot/batch and assign stock to it until you have sold out, maybe you need a production order created with the options added to the BOM and the routing changed to reflect the options selected? All of these are easily achieved with the nHanced Product Configurator.

All that is left is for your customer to make those difficult decisions!


  • Allow Customers to choose colours, trim and accessories for their sofa
  • Configure options, sizes and colours for garage doors to go to manufacturing team


  • Set options for item configuration
  • Make some options not available based on others
  • Add price and cost modifiers to specific options
  • Create item variants, lots or production order BOMs