nHanced Business Processes

Innovation and business change are both essential and exciting parts of any good organisation

People are innovating all the time in all sorts of areas of daily life, and evolution of processes is essential to keep up with the competition and changing markets. That is where our nHanced Business Processes module for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central comes in. It lets you control the new ideas in your organisation, record them, apply processes to them, keep everyone involved that needs to be, and ultimately decide if they should become reality yet, or perhaps not… We’ve all had a bad idea!

nHanced Business Processes has types of process that you can define, perhaps a new product design, or a new process for on-boarding those important new customers. For each type of process, you can create stages that must be completed for the dream to become reality. Within a stage you create actions, perhaps you need to complete a checklist, maybe produce a document and store it in your system. You almost certainly need to tell some other people about it, maybe ask their opinion or have them approve the progress. nHanced Business Processes handles all of this for you, guiding you and your teams along each stage that you have defined, leaving your people to do what they do best, innovate!


  • New item design & creation
  • Customer or vendor on-boarding processes
  • Managing ideas or suggestions for change


  • Set stages for each innovation type that drive the process
  • Within each stage create actions that should be completed
  • Actions can create checklists, require file attachments or trigger workflows
  • Assign actions to people or teams to complete and easily view their next tasks
  • Communicate about an innovation using the conversation and mentions mechanism